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taxess - x-times More Success

After-tax Efficiency

State-of-the-art tax know-how goes without saying. Beyond that, we take economic, legal, and other relevant areas of relevance for enterprises and individuals into account. We avoid complexities as much as possible. We develop structures that result in efficiency after taxes – legally incontestable.

After tax efficiency – that’s what we mean with x-times more success.

Sound and Specific Advice

Our advice is influenced by our experience from many transactions and projects. We have been advising many of our clients for several years. Every member of our team gets deeply involved in the transaction. We know about market developments. 

Sound and specific advice – that’s what we mean with x-times more success.

Advice of a piece

We cooperate nationally and internationally with top-class consultants that follow the same philosophy as we do. We consolidate their work internally thereby advise our clients from one source. Together with our clients and advisers on other disciplines we develop the ideal structure.

Advice of one piece – that’s what we mean with x-times more success