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June 2021

ARDIAN – sells Heinemann Bogen to Coros

ARDIAN, one of the world’s leading independent investment companies, is selling the Munich Heinemann Bogen to the real estate company Coros.

The property, built in 1990, was acquired by Ardian Real Estate in 2017 and comprehensively modernized in 2020. The high-potential property was thus successfully further developed.

Coros is an integrated real estate company that covers all relevant services along the value chain in high quality and thus further develops the individual potential of a property.

ARDIAN has a global network with more than 700 employees and 15 offices in Europe, South America, North America and Asia. Ardian manages the assets of its more than 1,100 investors in five investment areas: Direct Funds, Funds of Funds, Infrastructure, Private Debt and Real Estate.

taxess provided tax and structural advice on the sale.

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